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Tip Preparation Tool for SPM

The flange mounted tip preparation tool is designed for efficient cleaning of SPM tunneling tips. Especially etching remains or oxides can create artefacts or unstable tips during imaging or spectroscopy applications. The tip preparation tool offers heating up to temperatures above 1000°C at the tip to remove those remains. 

Key Features

STM experts utilize this tool to prepare their tips for advanced STM experiments. Clean prepared tips allow for extremely reproducible results as e.g. required for dI/dV mapping.

The tip preparation tool is designed for all standard Scienta Omicron STM tips. 

Safe handling by means of tip carrier plates and wobble stick.  A z-shift allows optimizing the distance between tip and the heating facility which allows to operate the tool for short and very long STM tips.

Au(111)/MICA surface with ultra clean STM tip
  • Topography channel

  • dI/dV channel

This data was recorded with a LT STM at 5K using a Tungsten tunneling tip prepared with the tip preparation tool.

  • Topography with the untreated Tungsten tip

  • Accurate dI/dV mapping allows to distinguish between hcp and fcc domains on a Au(111) on Micoa surface. The displayed dI/dV map recorded close to the energy of max. difference in LDOS between hcp and fcc domains at -0.48eV. As a result almost no depression in dI/dV is seen at the hcp domain locations. Sub-surface defects (markers) contribute strongly to the dI/dV contrast.

    Prior to the tip preparation process the same tip did not provide reliable tunneling conditions on the same sample surface.