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EFM 3, 3i, 3s

The EFM 3 is designed for ultra clean thin film growth and molecular beam epitaxy. 

Key Features
  • Ultra-pure evaporation

    Evaporation area Ø 4 - 20 mm

    Flux monitor

    Integrated shutter

  • Rear-loading of evaporant

    EFM 3 for VT SPM and for LT SPM

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The famous EFM 3 is designed for evaporation from Wires, Rods or Crucibles. Highest quality, unsurpassed cleanliness and continuous innovation have made the EFM 3 the market leading e-beam evaporator

Today the EFM 3 has been cited in several 1000 publications proving the scientific relevance of its dedicated design for surface science.

The EFM e-beam evaporators originally have been designed for ultra-pure evaporation of magnetic materials such as Fe, Co, Cr, Mn and Ni as sub-monolayer and multilayer thin films. Materials like Pt, Ag, Au, Al, Ti, Ta, W and semiconductors, e.g. silicon, can be evaporated with the highest purity.

Recent innovations allow using the EFM 3 for a broader range of materials than ever before. For example the increased energy range ensures high growth rates even for materials like C, W, Ti and Ta. 

The latest generation of EVC power supplies provides advanced filament control to 1 mA which allows to precisely regulate crucible temperatures down to 100°C e.g. for evaporation of molecules. Between 100°C and 800°C the temperature stability is 0.1°C or better.

EFM 3 for science and innovation.


EFM 3i 
  • Ion-Beam-Assisted Deposition

    The EFM 3i is equipped with a gas inlet and an ion focusing lens for Ion-Beam-Assisted Deposition.

    Ion beam assisted deposition allows to facilitate advanced deposition processed where growth does not occure naturally.

EFM 3s
  • Deposition with 100% neutral beam

    Some sensitive growth processes require a 100% neutral material beam to avoid parasitic effects caused by the energy, ions deposit on the substrate.

    The EFM 3s is equipped with an additional electrode to ensure defect free deposition by a 100% ion free material beam.  

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