Electron-Beam Evaporators

Electron beam evaporators (EFM-Series) for ultra-clean thin layer deposition with integrated flux-feedback control.

  • EFM3, 3i, 3s

    Designed for ultra clean thin film growth and molecular beam epitaxy. The EFM is suiable for all standard sample plates.


  • EFM4

    Desinged for ultra clean deposition on substrates with a diameter up to 50 mm. 


  • Triple EFM

    The Triple EFM features three independent cells for the evaporation of a wide range of materials from wires, rods or crucibles. 


  • EFM-H

    Atomic Hydrogen source designed for cleaning and etching of semiconductor surfaces, for surface passivation, for improvement of thin film growth etc.


  • EFM6

    The EFM 6 evaporator for larger scale samples. With a crucible capacity of up to 10 cm3, the EFM 6 holds ~10 times as much material as the EFM 3.


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