• Electron Diffraction

    Leed products for studying sample symmetry and structure by diffraction patterns and Auger spectroscopy.

  • UV Sources

    High performance VUV photon sources, easily integrated into custom builds and dedicated ESCA system solutions.

  • X-Ray Sources

    X-ray sources for photoelectron spectroscopy applications. All sources are available as integrated part of XPS instruments or as standalone components.onents.

  • Electron-Beam Evaporators

    Electron beam evaporators (EFM-Series) for ultra-clean thin layer deposition with integrated flux-feedback control.

  • Ion Sources

    Ion Sources to suit a range of applications from sample cleaning and depth profiling

  • Spare Parts

    A range of components and consumables for EFM, SPM, and UHV Systems

  • Vacuum Suitcase

    Transportation of samples under UHV conditions

  • Tip Etching Tool

    Etching tool for SPM tunneling tips. 

  • Tip Preparation Tool for SPM

    E-beam cleaning tool for SPM tunneling tips. The high temperature heater to remove etching remains or oxides.

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